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At the Blackbird Reunion, held in Reno, Nevada, on 5-8 June 2003, former SR-71 Blackbird pilots and RSO's autographed a new print just released by artist John Shaw.  Titled, "Outrun The Thunder," the print depicts Blackbird #972 at the end of the runway at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan.  The cockpit crew, maintenance crew chief, and his assistants are going over the aircraft's "last chance inspection" just prior to takeoff on an operational reconnaissance mission.  This is a "must have" print for the true SR-71 Blackbird fan!

John Shaw generously donated a limited number of prints to the Blackbird Association to sell and help raise money for the Blackbird Association.  Each print has a minimum of 30 crewmember signatures, many of which are speed record holders set by the SR-71.  John Shaw has signed each print as well.  Included with each print is a brief background on the SR-71 Blackbird and the speed records held by aircraft #972.  A short biography of all the signers, with some of their notable SR-71 achievements, is also included.

The print measures a total of 37 by 26 inches.  The inside picture area, including all 40 signatures and a miniature Habu patch, is 34.5 by 23.5 inches.

To order your print, send a check made out to the "Blackbird Association" for $315 dollars, which includes FEDEX mailing in the U.S.  Send the check to Fred Carmody, P.O. Box 302, Penn Valley, CA 95946-0302. If you would like more details about the print, or for international mailing costs, you can email Rich Graham at habu5@verizon.net.  Be sure to mention which web site you saw this advertisement, in order to get the above price.

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