photo courtesy Lockheed Martin
Photos of this particular bird are extremely rare, as she had less than 9 hours of flight time accumulated when she crashed on approach to Groom Dry Lake on Thursday, July 9, 1964.

According to the official report, "Aircraft No. 133 [939] was making its final approach to the runway when at altitude of 500 feet and airspeed of 200 knots it began a smooth steady roll to the left.  Lockheed test pilot Bill Park could not overcome the roll.  At about a 45 degree bank angle and 200 foot altitude he ejected.  As he swung down to the vertical in the parachute his feet touched the ground, for what must have been one of the narrower escapes in the perilous history of test piloting.  The primary cause of the accident was that the servos for the right ourboard roll and pitch control froze."

Pilot Bill Park ejected safely, only to endure another ejection a few years later in an M/D-21.  He is the only pilot with the dubious honor of bailing out of more than one blackbird.

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