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SR-71 Forum 2000, October 14-15, 2000

The entire first panel: Rich Graham (moderator), Ed Yeilding, Curt Osterheld,
Jim Shelton, Mort Jarvis, Doug Soifer, John Storrie, Tom Veltri, and Tom Alison

Ed Yeilding laughs at one of one of Curt Osterheld's more embarassing moments in the cockpit

Mort Jarvis enjoys one of Jim Shelton's stories

Mort Jarvis and John Storrie listen as Doug Soifer relates one of his "war stories"

John Storrie tells about the ride he gave Barry Goldwater

John Storrie shares a good one with Tom Veltri and Tom Alison

SR-71 Forum 2000
Saturday morning panel
Saturday afternoon panel
Sunday morning panel
Sunday afternoon panel
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