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SR-71 Forum 2000, October 14-15, 2000

The afternoon panel: Rich Graham (moderator), Frank Stampf, Donn Byrnes, Tom Veltri,
Blair Bozek, Jim Greenwood, Jim Shelton, Ed Yeilding, and Doug Soifer

Frank Stampf, Donn Byrnes, Tom Veltri and Blair Bozek

Frank Stampf

Donn Byrnes, Tom Veltri, and Blair Bozek

Det-2 crewmen Blair Bozek and Jim Greenwood

Blair Bozek, Jim Greenwood and Jim Shelton

Jim Shelton, Ed Yeilding and Doug Soifer

Donn Byrnes brings down the house with the comment "We never had an unstart in any of the camera systems"

SR-71 Forum 2000
Saturday morning panel
Saturday afternoon panel
Sunday morning panel
Sunday afternoon panel
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