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SR-71 Forum 2000, October 14-15, 2000

The afternoon panel: Rich Graham (moderator) and Bill Groninger (both out of frame), Joe Kinego,
Lou Schalk, Dewain Vick, Donn Byrnes, BC Thomas, Frank Stampf, and Buz Carpenter

Rich Graham introduces the afternoon panel

Bill Groninger and Joe Kinego

Lou Schalk, who never flew the SR-71 but was the first pilot of the first blackbird, the A-12

Lou Schalk, Dewain Vick and Donn Byrnes

Dewain Vick, Donn Byrnes and Frank Stampf (far right) listen to BC Thomas

BC Thomas and Frank Stampf share a laugh, probably at the expense of Gil Bertelson, Stampf's pilot

Frank Stampf and Buz Carpenter

SR-71 Forum 2000
Saturday morning panel
Saturday afternoon panel
Sunday morning panel
Sunday afternoon panel
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