980's moving crew - photo by Tony Landis
980's moving crew poses for one last photo - photo by Tony Landis

All photos on the next 3 pages were taken by Tony Landis on the morning of Saturday, September 14, 2002, when 980 was moved into a new display spot in front of Dryden.  Tony reports that the move took just over 4 hours.  Some fencing had to be taken down as well as a few street signs but overall it went very smoothly.  There were about fifteen or so guys that had to lay sheets of 4x8 ft. plywood down the whole way just in case there may have been a weak spot in the asphalt.  With the engines still in, this aircraft was about 12,000 pounds heavier than any others that have been towed on a normal street.

photo by Tony Landis

photo by Tony Landis

photo by Tony Landis

photo by Tony Landis

photo by Tony Landis
This is probably the last photo ever taken of the 2 NASA birds together.


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